Our interior and garden were inspired by the japanese culture. You will feel relaxed and full of positive energy.

Ryōan-ji styled garden

Kare-sansui – dry landscape. There is no interpretation, you must find your own meaning.


Zen temple Ryōan-ji in Kyoto is an inspiration that made this garden possible.


Dry landscape, rocks, practically no vegetation – these are the elements unique to this style. Gravel in the center of the area is raked in order to help with meditation.


Our concept of this place is based upon the so called Golden Ratio. Come visit us and we will be more than happy to share with you the story of this place!

Open space

Another stage of the garden is currently under construction. This time, inspired by the tea gardens of Japan, will be more floral and spacious.

Moon gate

Going through the gate we leave all the negative emotions and thoughts.

Tea spot

Soon there will emerge a new place in our garden. A tea house which will bring a new experience of enjoying that hot beverage.

For active people we have some ideas!

  • Bikes – you got one with you? Cool! Forgot? No problem – we will provide!

  • Jogging- there are many great spots in the area, and running in the wilderness is a great experience. Boars think the same 😉

  • Swimming – you prefer a lake over a pool? We got a couple of lakes nearby so there is no way you won’t find a spot for yourself 🙂

  • Stroll – if you just simply want to walk around there is plenty of places to go!


Our offer

Double room

2 persons



*extra 20PLN for breakfast per person

Double room

1 person



*extra 20PLN for breakfast

Training, company events, workshops – we got you covered. If you have any questions write us a mail 😉

About us

MCR MAK – Marzanna, Krzysztof and Antek. We found our place in Rakownia in 2002 and have lived here ever since. We are both physicians who are appreciative of conventional medicine but also see its downsides. To complete our hollistic approach towards life and health  we found interest in yoga and ayurveda. We are more than happy to share our experiences with our guests.By staying with us you will find a lot of warmth and sincerity.

Visit us!